Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Adding some ovals to the mix

More blues!

Can you tell I like blue glass?

It's so difficult to capture the look of some glass in a photo. The large circle is a lovely milky clear glass with wispy white opaque glass and an iridescent top coat. It reflects green, pink and purple.

Pretty blues

The clear glass with the confetti/stringers is among my favorite glass to use...so pretty!

Popular design

This piece by far has been my most popular piece, both in color, shape and the use of the geode. I can recreate something similar if you are interested - just send me a message and I can design something in your price range!

This piece reminds me of a Spring day in May

Work in progress!

stART on the Street 10th Anniversary Gallery Show

Monday, June 11, 2012

stART on the Street

Thanks to everyone who came out and purchased my jewelry and stained glass at stART on the Street yesterday! It's been awhile since I've done a show "for real" and I received some positive feedback about my new glass pieces - I'm excited to make more of those in the future!

Please feel free to contact me about custom pieces or future gift-giving needs!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Some freeform stained glass for this overcast day...

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Stained Glass Stars!

A really dreary dark overcast day today but somehow happy little stained glass stars cheer up my view out the window! 15 new stars are ready to find new homes at stART on the Street: Spring Edition on June 3 in Worcester, MA!
It helps that the rain has made my garden explode and in the background is my favorite section of the garden with the red maple and the assorted foliage (notice the totally out of place STOP sign right in the middle of the pic, ugh).

Freeform Beaded Necklace #826

This is the completed piece from my Friday One-Day Necklace a few weeks ago - I actually DID finish it in one day!
Freeform Beaded Necklace #826, $64
Assorted glass sead beads in a freeform woven design with semi-precious stones, freshwater pearls, crystals and all kinds of goodies!
Sterling silver toggle clasp
17" in length

Freeform Beaded Necklace #825

Freeform Beaded Necklace #825, $58
Three giant (1.25"x 1.5") focal beads of fossilized coral agate on a strand of freeform beaded complimentary glass seed beads.
The piece also contains Swarovski crystals, freshwater pearls and two crazy lace agate beads. Sterling silver chain and lobster claw clasp.
Adjustable from 17" to 20"

Friday, May 04, 2012

Friday one-day necklace!

I'm determined to get a necklace done in one day! Here's how it starts:

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Freeform Beaded Necklace #824

This was an almost-finished piece that I just finished today.

Freeform Beaded Necklace #824, $82
An assortment of glass seed beads, crystals and freshwater pearls.
The length is 16.5" in length and 1.5" at it's widest.
This piece is very sculptural and ruffled when worn.
The clasp is a beaded toggle.

Purple Freeform Beaded Necklace #823

FINALLY I finished this piece that's been lingering on my work table all week!

Purple Freeform Beaded Necklace #823, $48
This is a very simple peyote stitched piece made with all glass Delica and assorted sized seed beads, with a random fringe dangling with assorted white freshwater pearls.
The length is approx 22" with the centerpiece measuring 2.5"wide x 3.5" tall (including the fringe).
The clasp is a small sterling silver toggle.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Day 2 purple freeform

For some reason I am struggling my way through this piece....not sure why because I love purple and freeform...it's this DAMN fringe!!! Grrrrrrrrrrr!
Almost done - finished pics to come soon.

Monday, April 30, 2012

New purple freeform

I'm not sure what this will become but I'm trying something new - using only purple.


This is what it looks like when I try to get organized! Arrrrghhh!
Friday I brought down two big sets of drawers full of beads and supplies and decided it was time to start fresh and clean up...this pic is ONE drawer - there are 10 drawers plus a lot of random boxes of stuff.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Freeform Beaded Necklace #822

Freeform Beaded Necklace #822
17" in length, sterling silver toggle clasp
Center pendant measures 1.75"w x 2.25"h
glass beads, pearls, crystals

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Today's project

ARTSWorcester fundraiser this Sat night

Come on down to Coney Island this Saturday night, 7-9pm and perhaps win a necklace I donated along with some other amazing pieces of art. The event will benefit ARTSWorcester and will include hot dogs, grilled cheese, beer and more!
View the details on the events' Facebook page

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Beady Inspiration

I love to search out beaders online and of course there are hundreds of thousands (millions...) of people out there beading but I am particularly inspired by one this morning, Mary Darwall . Gorgeous gorgeous beadwork with primarily seed beads....so inspiring!

So - off to the beading for the day!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Finally Finished! Freeform Beaded Necklace #821

After what seemed like forever working on this bohemouth necklace, I finished it today.
Freeform Beaded Necklace #821
Adjustable from 17.5" - 19.5"
Sterling silver lobster claw clasp and chain
Carnelian, amber, jasper, glass, crystals, found items, turquiose, ceramic, pearls and a felted bead, plus a lot more.

The felted bead is my own, made years ago, waiting for something large scale enough to not overwhelm. This piece is heavy! Not for all-day wear, but fun for a few hours at a time.
I'm not pleased with these images but for now, they will have to do.
Glad to be done with this one...now on to the other ideas in my head!

Freeform Beadwork Necklace, #821 closeup 1

Closeup of some pendant - the glass on is an image of a flower, with assorted semi-precious beads and freeform beadwork.

Freeform Beadwork Necklace #821, closeup image 2

Closeup of the felted bead and freeform work.

Freeform Beadwork Necklace #821

Friday, April 20, 2012

Back in the saddle again...

It's been an interesting journey the past 4+ years. I can say the one thing missing has been fulfilling my desire to create things with my hands. Let me re-phrase that: my desire to create the things that I WANT to make with my hands, not things that I NEEDED to create to pay my bills. Where's the inspiration in that?
I have enough dreams, desire and motivation on my own. My biggest lesson learned recently: I can't take to heart anyone else's dreams. I can't dedicate my will to something I can't "own" 100% mostly because I like to get things done, make things happen.

Diving head first into beading again has been like putting on my favorite yoga pants :-) Why did I wait so long to do this?!?!?!?!

The piece I've been working on has been fun - I'm trying to be less strict and allow myself to use as many beads as possible. It's a HEAVY one already and I havent added any fringe yet. Hopefully I can get it done today as I have three more ideas in line in my brain behind this one - mostly focusing on freeform beaded pendants on simple necklace strands.

I have been trying to re-inspire myself lately so I've gone back to view the sites from my favorite designers. Way back when, Mary Hicklin of Virgo Moon was an absolute IDOL for me. Her designs are clean and streamlined, she uses gorgeous stones and pearls and she blends freeform beading into pieces in a way that isn't intimidating. And quite honestly, I loved that her pricing was (what I would call) high. I dont think I ever saw a necklace below $200, with her more extravagant pieces over $1,000! I guess when you use quality stuff + her skilled labor, she was comfortable pricing her work at its true value. This is something I still struggle with as 20+ hours on one of my pieces is not unheard of (so if I paid myself $15 an hour, some pieces should start at $300 PLUS materials...ugh - not in Central MA)!
ANYWAY....I digress...Mary lived in an inspiring home in CA that was caught in a wildfire and destroyed in 2003. I went back yesterday and read her inspiring story about the rebuilding of her home and how she continued making jewelry through it. She really is awesome!

So, back to beading! More pics of todays progress to come!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fall Blahs...

It's Fall. It's cold and I do not like the cold nor the layers required to stay warm in my 59 degree house.

Besides the usual stuff going on I am finally working on a project I started last year with Scott Holloway - kind of the beginning of a larger project I hope to complete in a year: large scale jewelry pieces focusing on an art pieces by local artists.
I had Scott paint my eye, really close up - it has amazing detail!!! Gorgeous, really. My Dad cut the wood it is painted on and when I showed him the piece yesterday he asked "how did he imprint the image on the wood?" because he couldn't believe it was painted!!!
So I've been working the past few days getting that started.
The pic is not very good...still working on editing using my phone and NO Photoshop, grrrrrrr. I dunno if I'm going to be able to handle this laptop thing...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sky from the highway

Sky from the highway
Originally uploaded by 3CatNite
In Millbury on the way to Blackstone Shoppes...such interesting clouds tonight!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New Zentangles!!

New Zentangles!!
Originally uploaded by 3CatNite
Ok, so much for applying for the grant - that didn't happen. I suck.
I literally had the application sitting in front of me and got as far as coming up with the project I want to work on...even sought out a tentative commitment to host an exhibition...
Then I stopped.
Not sure why. Maybe the fear of losing my motivation to make art when I am REQUIRED TO as opposed to when I feel the desire to. I just can't seem to to turn it on when I want to - or if I do, I hate the things I create. The project I have in mind I'd rather be ALL IN instead of forced to pump out sub-par work just to meet a deadline.

I've been making Zentangles the past few weeks...they are SOOO relaxing to make! It's akin to the art I have made my whole life where I get into a groove and lose myself while making it. Very satisfying!

I sat today and talked to someone whose mother is about to lose her batter with cancer. It was a difficult conversation but for some reason I did not feel like I was pressing, asking questions...letting him talk about what has been difficult these past few weeks. What is there to say...feel bad...

Without being too specific I am officially out of something that has made my life easier the past 5 months and it's giving me anxiety. Nuff said.

I am donating two items to Cirque du Noir this upcoming Sunday - a black red and white scarf, pieced from cotton scraps and a necklace with some felted beads...I just need to add some finishing touches to each and drop them off tomorrow.

Up next...finish the eye project I started with Scott. I asked him if he would like to make a few smaller versions so I could make them up for the Station show in December and maybe share a space. We'll see...

Monday, August 31, 2009

Back to blogging...

There's just SOOOOO much going on with my life right now and I'm realizing what's missing is something grounding me. In one way or another I've been able to dive into distractions that keep me from understanding the gravity of what I'm doing, ie: the Big Picture.
So much is up in the air, waiting for other people...and I am not the type to sit around and wait for others to make my life happen.

I can finally say I am in a place in my life that I made for myself. I am successful in my job and I can actually say I love what I do. I love what I am doing.
I wish I was making art...it always seems to be the first thing to slip away when I am overwhelmed with day-to-day life.

Every day seems to hold a new battle in understanding that I did the best I could in my commitments and not to beat myself for making the decisions I did.

More to come soon when I have time.
One goal this Fall is to apply for a cultural grant and commit myself to a year of making my art. Collaborative beading projects...we'll see...

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Take a look at Lisa Peters website for a listing of the piece I made with her raku clay donut.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Necklace for May 29th

Originally uploaded by 3CatNite

Here is the piece I worked on over the weekend. Sometimes I can get into such a nice pace with the freeform stuff and crank out a few pieces in a couple days (Tina has the necklace I made before this one with similar colors, but with a simpler shape).

This features a Lilly Pilly engraved shell pendant I've had for over a year...it;s been waiting for the right project and I wanted to bring together the orange in the 2 carnelian nuggets. I was concerned when I strubg the initial strand because the 2 carnelian pieces were REALLY off-center and I am constantly struggling with things not being symmetrical. I worked on evening out the symmetry right up until the last beads added (the lilac pearls on the right side).

This has more actual peyote stitching than randomly added beads and such, but I like the heaviness of it.

Here is one of my favorite necklaces I made with a Lilly Pilly pendant (Karen from Worcester owns this one...such a nice lady - Hi Karen!)